• Snapdragon® 660
  • 6GB+128GB
  • Curved AMOLED flexible screen
    Wide color gamut
  • Rear dual camera 13MP+13MP
    ArcSoft® algorithm
  • Quick charging
    Charged in 1.5 hours fully
  • 18:9 FHD+ display
  • Face Unlock
    0.08 seconds
  • Stock system
    Android 8.0
5.99”curved AMOLED screen
Not only large but vivid and natural
CNOEMS M129 is equipped with an advanced curved AMOLED screen. Compared to traditional screens, it offers a wider vision, a higher refresh rate to smoothen your experience while being much thinner. It delivers rich colors, vivid images and a stunning immersive effect. Images and videos are much clearer and more colorful, with the smartphone being lighter at the same time.
3D Glass
Curved screen
18:9 aspect ratio
Super large vision
Ultra-clear full display larger and clearer
With its massive 5.99'' display that sports a 2160*1080 full screen resolution and a screen-to-body ratio of 87.0%, CNOEMS M129 can picture much more details than ever before. Regardless of watching videos or playing games, its display will bring you a joyful immersive visual experience you never had before.
An excellent design, comes directly from our heart
Superior combination between art and technology
Good things need time. And we took our time to make the CNOEMS M129 the best piece of gear we ever released. Every part of the CNOEMS M129 was discussed repeatedly for a long time before, finally a decision was made. All of us gave their best to design a gorgeous product, which can and will touch your heart at first sight. Our journey to achieve this goal was long. But the continuous pursuit for beauty gives us power to move on. And on.
Curved body and full screen
Large 5.99'' screen but 5.5'' haptics
We use a curved design to make the back of the CNOEMS M129 just as fluid. Therefore it can give you the haptic feeling of a regular 5.5'' phone, while being a 5.99'' phone.
Small while large
Full screen, totally different experience.
Less but more
View more, scroll less
It doesn't matter if you are browsing the web or are typing articles: The 18:9 aspect ratio will help you to scroll less, while showing you more at the same time. This offers you the ability to be even more productive.
Face Unlock
New unlock technology, new breakthrough
*FOTA later
Face Unlock + Fingerprint sensor
Two methods for you to unlock you phone.
There are two methods on unlocking your phone in your life. One is face unlock, through analyzing more than 128 invisible dots to help you unlocking your phone, the other one is back fingerprint sensor, which supports unlock.

Face unlock
( FOTA later)

Fingerprint unlock
Face unlock
Unlock your phone as quick as 0.08 seconds.
On the minimalist full screen, CNOEMS M129 use new face unlock technology. It analyses more than 128 invisible dots to create a precise depth map of your face, making it unlocked in 0.08 seconds. Once you wake your screen up, your phone is unlocked.
Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 660 CPU
Stronger performance, speedy experience.
CNOEMS M129 is equipped with a Snapdragon® 660 Octa-core CPU from Qualcomm®, which can boost up to an impressive clock speed of 2.2GHz. Its massive performance gives you more than enough power to smoothly play even the most demanding games. While doing so, its energy-efficient 14nm FinFET manufacturing technology makes sure you won't run out of battery too quickly. Forget about the power socket! Power consumption was greatly reduced in this generation of processor. This comes with an extended battery life and duration. Enjoy the smoothest user experience without the need of worrying about battery life.
Antutu score
MTK 6763
Snapdragon® 660
Snapdragon® 660 CPU
Outstanding performance, enjoy your carefree life
With Snapdragon® 660 CPU and stock Android 8.0 system, CNOEMS M129's outstanding performance can meet all your big game needs. At the same time, it can reduce power consumption and optimize resource allocation intelligently, ensuring the smoother performance when playing games.
6GB RAM+128GB ROM large storage
Operate rapidly, store smoothly
6GB of RAM aren't always the same. The type of RAM that is used, is the crucial part. CNOEMS M129 uses LPDDR4x RAM technology, which enables it to increase its performance by 80% and reduces 40% of its power consumption at the same time. Therefore it's no problem to run multiple APPs at the same time, without having the need of cleaning the cache or even shutting down the APP frequently. Its enormous 128GB ROM provides you with more than sufficient storage space to save songs, pictures and videos.
Dual rear camera
New art of light and shades
CNOEMS M129 is equipped with a dual 13MP camera. The RGB lens captures the color information, while the mono lens captures the brightness and detail information. This perfect combination greatly enhances the image quality in terms of noise, brightness, color, detail etc...

Dual 13MP rear camera

Bokeh effect


Super night image
ArcSoft® algorithm
Superbness shows in the bokeh effect
The 13MP RGB+Mono camera lenses achieve a crystal clear, brilliant image quality, a SLR-level bokeh effect and a natural blur is produced in the out-of-focus part of the recording. CNOEMS M129 is providing a clearer focus, thus making the pictures more professional.
Wonderful night effect
Strong night effect, keeps the moments
Night effect on CNOEMS M129 is also impressive. The 13MP lens, together with 2.2μm pixel size, enables more lights passing through the lens. Besides the denoising algorithm, CNOEMS M129 can capture the brilliant and beautiful night scene easily.
OrdinaryCNOEMS M129
Multi-functional selfie camera
Selfie camera, every day’s fun
[Dynamic stickers] Add cat beard, bunny ears and blusher on your face via face ID technology. Add more fun in your every day’s life.
[Beautiful filters] Congratulations! You already found out a selfie artifact. The natural selfie effect can help you say goodbye with your mirror. Your selfie will be the most attractive on your SNS.
*FOTA later.
Pictures shot by rear camera on CNOEMS M129

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