• Notch screen
  • All glass
  • 4GB+64GB
  • 18.9:9/5.85”size
  • Side fingerprint sensor
  • Fast charging
  • 3000mAh
  • Android 8.1
Behind every point of ingenuity is a new technological breakthrough. Through several layers of color overlays we have achieved a dreamy color transition with a moonlight-like layer, so that the color can follow the light angle changes, exquisite and smart. Every time you look at the E3007, you gain a new experience.
CNOEMS E3007 formed from Glass and stainless steel frame,looks as bright as a precious piece of art.
Once you experience the CNOEMS E3007, you will not only indulge in its color, but also be amazed with its smooth grip, you’ll never want to put it down.
CNOEMS's dedication to exploring new design has resulted in our unique laminated gradient technology. A change of the angle, a flick of the light and the colour dance in a Nebula gradient
The CNOEMS E3007’s artistic design combines cutting edge processes with precious materials. Glass like sapphires and aerospace grade stainless steel reflect the craftsmanship that goes in to the creation of our latest device.
The CNOEMS E3007o is a radiant all glass handset, that’s as strong as diamond.
Where does the screen end and the body begin? That’s the question we want every A4 Pro user to ask themselves when presented with our all new 5.85” full screen display.
Our development team has find tuned the CNOEMS E3007 and its 64-bit 8-core processor to run efficiently no matter if you’re playing the latest graphic heavy FPS or simply keeping up to date on social media. Optimised beauty.
More memory, more storage, more life. With a boost to 4GB RAM multiple apps will run seamlessly. Plus with the option to add SD cards of 128GB, you’ll never have to delete anything ever again.
Shoot what you see and see what your shot with the E3007’s Samsung 16MP main camera.
Did someone say selfie? The front 8MP camera has been developed exclusively for the E3007 to give you the selfie experience you have always dreamed of.
SideLine Security isn’t just perfectly located for optimised ergonomics, but is also secure, accurate and fast taking just 0.2 seconds to unlock.
E3007’s fast charging isn’t just fast, it’s faster than a flash.
3000mAh battery power give you all day endurance. No more trips to the wall socket.
Open Wonder
Introducing Android 8.1 Oreo
Smarter, faster, more powerful and sweeter than ever. The world's favorite cookie is your new favorite Android release.

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