Glasses-free 3D
Dual camera
5.5" FHD
Glasses-free 3D, your handheld 3D theater
CNOEMS M126 uses the colorful and exquisite 5.5”naked-eye FHD display. It will bring you a new
visual experience. No need to wear glasses, you can enjoy the awesome 3D effect and
feel the tridimensional and real image on the screen.
Glasses-free technology
95% NTSC
High color saturation
FHD resolution
Front camera with eye tracking technology
CNOEMS M126 equipped with eyes-tracking camera, it can track human eyes and follow the sight. It
automatically adjust to the best visual angle, bringing us the most comfortable eye condition
when looking at the screen.
3D camera, shoots the real and tridimensional world
The leading SuperD 3D photography technology, using the optics and vision algorithms,
shoots the real and tridimensional scenes. Using CNOEMS M126 to record your life, you will feel
the wonderful memories again when looking at the pictures. They are so real that you can
even touch them.
3D theater on your hand
Enjoy the Hollywood movies with glasses-free 3D screen
CNOEMS M126 equipped with 5.5”FHD display, no need to wear glasses and you can enjoy the vivid
tridimensional videos. With lots of video resources, you can enjoy the 3D visual feast at home as
same as in the IMAX theater.
Show your beauty with 16MP resolution
CNOEMS M126 mini features 16MP HD front camera, finding the charming details in you.
All-new selfie mode with soft flash light, greatly improves the quality of
camera's night vision imaging. In low light environment, with screen light as a
supplement, CNOEMS M126 mini makes your selfie clear, natural, and stunning.
16MP Front Cam
Soft Flash
Screen Light Supplement
New portrait algorithm, makes you more beautiful
With new algorithm, new function, you will be inspired when taking selfies with the upgraded 16MP front
camera. The skin tone is more balanced and smoother to show the natural beauty of you. In the
meanwhile, it adds the bokeh function into the front camera which makes you more outstanding.
Customized dual camera,capture the beautiful moments
CNOEMS M126 uses the customized dual camera, unique color
RGB sensor+ black and white MONO sensor, with
auto focus mode, the focusing speed increased substantially.
RGB sensor feels the color while MONO
sensor captures the light and details.
16MP Front Cam
Soft Flash
Screen Light Supplement
4GB RAM makes multitasking with no lags possible. 64GB
ROM is large enough to store 5000 16MP photos, 1000
high-end music and 5 hours HD videos simultaneously.
CNOEMS M126 mini supports up to 128GB SD card so that you can
store all you want without hesitation.
128GB micro card
Octa-core 64 Bit Processor, Strong Performance
Powerful octa-core Cortex A53(64 bit) processor is strong and good for large 3D games. The well
allocation of CPU and GPU programming can reduce unnecessary operations of kernel chips, then
reduce power consumption and avoid overheating.
Ingenious Combination of Glass and Metal
After repeated adjustment of the radian of this 2.5D curved glass, the transition between the metal
and the glass became incredibly smooth, makes the body very comfortable to hold. 5.5-inch screen
brings transparent display effect, colorful and true to the original. Beauty, in front of you.
Light Condensate, with it, there is light
In the high light, you can see a thin beam is gathered in the middle of the frame, which is Light
Condensate. C1X with Light condensate design and simple lines, so that the phone is more
fantastic, more comfortable to hold, and not easy to fall off your hand.
High density battery, no need to charge everyday
CNOEMS M126 uses the high density battery so that we can maximumly use every part of the space in the
mobile phone system. 4050mAh big battery, low power consumption and high-performance of
CPU, plus the perfect optimized system, you don’t need to charge everyday.
Unibody appearance, extraordinary
texture feeling
CNOEMS M126 has a metal back cover and a unibody appearance.
It is slim and light. With elegant back curved line
which is perfectly fits the palm, you can feel the smooth
and comfortable texture.
ELE OS 1.0
This time, CNOEMS M126 provides ELE OS 1.0 with totally new features. CNOEMS M126 has been committed to improve user
experience, from discovering their needs to meeting their needs. Based on Android 7.0, we developed powerful and
easy ELE OS 1.0 system, which is totally different from the traditional operating experience. There are more user-friendly
functions to simplify your life.

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