Helio X25 Deca core
2.5GHz CPU
21MP rear camera
8MP front camera
6.0" 2K display
Full screen
Android 7.1.1
Stock Android
6.0” 2K display,
brings you to the real world
With Full screen and 2K display, CNOEMS M125 shows you the clearest view of pictures and videos. There are more than 403 picture pixels in every inch of the display area, which can provide you the sharpness and colorful images. CNOEMS M125 accompanies with you to feel the vivid world.
Full screen, perfect and artistic
CNOEMS M125 is a tri-bezel-less phone with 92.4% screen-to-body ratio, which gives you the most
amount of screen in the least amount of space. Then front side of CNOEMS M125 uses 6.0”2K display with in-cell
technology. The 3D curved glass back makes it more comfortable when holding on hand. The
streamlined design shows CNOEMS M125's continuous efforts for the art of phone.
3D curved glass back, shows
you the beauty of light stream
The metal middle frame combines with the 3D curved back,
appearing the brilliant streamline under the light. The lumia lines
make CNOEMS M125 shining in different angles. With CNOEMS
M125, you will be the center.
Curved unibody, sexy and elegant
CNOEMS M125 uses the curved hot bending technology on the
glass back. The curved hot bending glass technology can
change the body to different angles which fulfill your needs. The
seamless unibody makes CNOEMS M125 an elegant artwork
with grateful line. It also has four curved edges back, which is
beyond your imagination.
Capture the moment, no matter day or night
CNOEMS M125 can capture the shinning moments in the low-light environment and record the wonderful memories under the
sunlight. It equipped with powerful hardwares and carefully calibrated camera functions, which make it
easier to operate and more professional to shoot. Whether the night scenery, delicacy or portrait, CNOEMS M125
shows the beautiful world to you.
Higher pixel, more exquisite at night
To shoot the clear and perfect pictures, CNOEMS M125 has a 21MP rear camera with the special
photosensitive element, which aims to increase the sensor surface area of a single pixel. That means
it can capture more details in low-light environment, improving the image quality and details.
Perfect front camera for selfie
CNOEMS M125 has an 8MP Micro front camera with auto focus technology, focusing your face no
matter where you are. With strong frame synthesis technology, CNOEMS M125 makes your selfie
clearer and more beautiful.
Deca-core Helio X25 CPU
Owing to Deca-core Helio X25 CPU, CNOEMS M125 operates faster in playing
game, watching video and opening APPs! It has two more cores than normal
Octa-core processor, and the basic frequency can up to 2.5GHz, which means it
can increase up to 62% of the operating speed, at the same time, reduce 30% of
the power consumption. The three gears of power-saving technology can shift in
different environments. This CPU can improve the response speed in games and
also increase the battery life.
one core's clock speed
Up to 50% in performance.
Octa-core Helio P25 CPU
Deca-core Helio X25 CPU

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