ECD Fitness Tracker Smart Bart Band
Heart Rate Monitoring Blood Pressure/ECD Test
  • Heart Rate monitoring
  • ECG Test
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Running
  • Multiple dials display
  • Caller ID and rejection
  • IP 67
  • Notifications
  • Pedometer
  • Sports Tracking
  • Calorie Counter
  • Message push
PPG for 24 Hours Real Time Heart
Rate Monitoring and Alarm
Set tracking intervals at 10, 30 or 60 minutes at App, the smart band will
track your heart rate every 10, 30 or 60 minutes constantly.You can also
seta heart rate number as red line . when your heart rate goes across it
thesmart band will vibrate 3 times to alarm you.
Accurate ECG Analysis Report
Care for Your Health
ECG+PPG Double Heart
Rate Measurement
The bracelet not only has the PPG photoelectric sensor used by ordinary
hand ring.the ECG cardio chip is also built into the sensor and the sensor
Electrocardiogram accuracy
This smart band can test your blood pressure which
requires 1 minute test on App which is the combination
of ECG,PPG and heart rate.
Share to SNS
Sharing your activity datas to facebook/twitter instantly
Track Your Daily Activities
Track Your Daily Activities
The smart band can record the steps, distance and calories burn every day
With the help of it you can achieve your daily fitness target easier.
Receiving Texts
Calls from Cell Phone to Smart Band
Sleep Monitoring
Track and monitor your sleep quality: wake you up vith vibrate alarm:
you can get up vith comfort every morning.
IP68 Waterproof
Seriously IP68 waterproof. No worries for wearing in rain, bath or swim.
Remind to Move
Setting the alarm,the smart band will vibrate to remind you to move
so as to keep you with better fitness
Finger Touch to Change Interfaces
Touch to change interfaces among time,shep,distance,
heart rate, sleep etc.
Two Colors Optional
Black and blue is good match for lovers, friends and relatives.
It a good assistant for fitness and it' s fashionable to wear.

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