Brand Culture

Focusing on the core values of "benefits" within the company, the "points" include four levels. The first level: "Isolate external pressures and temptations, maintain a normal attitude, return to the origin of things, and grasp what we should do reasonably. Directions, second floor: "The duty is to ask oneself but not to ask others. When problems arise, first of all, we must take responsibility for ourselves." The third level: "This principle regulates the attitude of cooperation with people. I do not make people cheap." "Fourth floor:" This is more than honesty. Even if there is no promise, what should have been done.
CEO Chen Mingyong said: “We are in an era full of stress, temptation and challenges, and we are easily affected by emotions, causing fear, irritability and anxiety, and we can make wrong judgments. If we can isolate external forces, we will always maintain our mentality. Return to the origin of things, and think about why we set off for the first time. This way of dealing with problems will become clearer.
Core Values: This point, user-oriented, pursuit of the ultimate, results-oriented.

Brand Concept

"To the United States" is the brand essence of OPPO and conveys the OPPO brand's utmost exquisite pursuit and determination to achieve perfection. To the United States, not only represents the pursuit of the ultimate, but also represents the pursuit of beauty and art.
OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong made an explanation of “to the United States”: “All OPPO products must be a design quality and a style of artwork.” OPPO's brand mission is to create a wonderful life experience through exquisite products and innovative technologies.

Representative products

OPPO R15 Series

On March 31, 2018, OPPO R15, R15 Dream Mirror Edition was officially released at the Zhejiang Satellite TV Spring Festival 曁OPPO R15 Conference, featuring the AI smart camera, ultra-wide-view full screen, colorful streamer body R15 series, to provide users with Better full screen camera phone.

OPPO R11s, OPPO R11s Plus

OPPO R11s series 16 million + 20 million pixel smart dual camera, dual camera without the main points. 16 million-pixel camera with high resolution, making people more natural in the daytime; 20 million-pixel camera will synthesize 2.0μm large pixels in dark light through pixel aggregation technology; dark light makes people more clearly; two lenses according to the light intelligence when taking pictures Switching, combined with the newly upgraded OPPO gradient blur algorithm and camera optimization technology, in the end to achieve a more clear shot, more natural background blur. With AI smart beauty, star screen screen design to provide users with a better overall screen photography experience.

OPPO R11 Series

"Before and after 20 million, the picture is clearer." OPPO R11 is a flagship camera phone that is stylish, thin, and focused on portrait photography. The OPPO R11 and Qualcomm have jointly optimized and optimized the flagship image processor to achieve even lower power consumption, achieving smooth optical zoom, fast autofocus, more realistic picture colors, and stunning low light photo effects. Combined with ultra-clear dual camera and professional portrait mode, it is easy to take a clear and natural beauty portrait.

OPPO R9s, OPPO R9s Plus

OPPO R9s and OPPO R9s Plus are smartphones released by OPPO on October 19th, 2016. They feature photo shoots. Both phones use 16-megapixel IMX398 sensor and F1.7 large aperture jointly developed by OPPO and Sony. The dual-core focuses on the large aperture and makes the beat more clear. In addition OPPO R9s Plus is also equipped with a customized OIS + optical image stabilization technology to ensure that when the camera is in a state of motion or in a dark light environment, it effectively overcomes the image blur caused by the jitter and the imaging is more stable.


Technological innovation

OPPO has always attached great importance to technological innovation. By July 2016, the number of OPPO patent applications had entered the list of domestic top 10 domestic applicants, and this time it was the 12th time for OPPO to enter this list.
As of September 5, 2016, OPPO publicly applied for a total of 8683 patents; invention patent applications 7576, of which invention patent applications accounted for 87.3%. For OPPO, its patent is more focused on the camera, rotating camera, VOOC flash charge and other fields.
Taking pictures

【Dual Core Focus】

Dual-core focusing is a focus technology that the OPPO R9s is based on the Sony IMX398 sensor. "Dual Core" refers to dividing the photodiode in the pixel into two, so that the separated photodiode can receive light independently, and the phase difference formed is the "ground" of the drive motor for focusing, while the two independent photodiodes are It can be output as one pixel (merge) when imaging. Dual-core focusing is like binocular vision, ordinary PDAF phase focusing is to use the left and right eyes alone for viewing. This means that the amount of light entering a single focusing pixel is increased by 100%, and the accuracy and speed of focusing will also be improved.

【Super clear quality】

Ultra-clear picture quality refers to an OPPO exclusive research and development camera technology, which uses multi-frame synthesis supersampling technology to synthesize several CMOS effective pixel output size photos into one ultra-high pixel picture in order to obtain a larger frame and more. More details.
OPPO Find 7 is the first smartphone equipped with ultra-clear image quality technology, which can output up to 50 million pixels of photos. OPPO N3 is based on Find7 and can output up to 64 million pixels. OPPO's R9s, R9s Plus and other smart phones can be equipped with ultra-clear quality features.

【Extreme Beauty】

The ultimate beauty is a proprietary software technology based on OPPO mobile hardware. When the user uses the OPPO phone self-timer, the OPPO phone automatically recognizes the user's face and intelligently analyzes the corresponding age and gives the appropriate skin effect.
The ultimate beauty has been developed by OPPO since 2012. From the ultimate beauty of OPPO U701 to the ultimate beauty of OPPO N3 3.0, to the ultimate beauty of R9 series 4.0, the ultimate beauty has been updated in four editions. OPPO has always insisted on Combining the best self-timer hardware with the best self-timer software, the mobile phone self-timer trend


【electric rotary camera】

Following the OPPO N1 launch of the rotary camera, OPPO N3 once again launched a power rotary camera, which uses a "planetary gear three-stage transmission mechanism", with the stepper motor, mobile phone users simply touch the screen, open the camera interface, gently Slide the screen and the camera will automatically rotate. The electric rotation realizes another innovation in the mobile phone photographing, and further innovates the new experience of photographing with intelligence.

【VOOC flash charge】

VOOC Flash Charge is a low-voltage fast charging technology developed by OPPO with 18 patents. It uses a low-voltage, high-current mode to ensure the charging speed while also reducing the heat generated by the adapter and the phone when the phone is charging. The VOOC flash charge is up to 4 times faster than the traditional charge rate. A 3000mAh battery can charge 2 minutes in 5 minutes and charge to 75% in 30 minutes.
The VOOC Flash Charger was first used on the OPPO Find 7 and later on the OPPO flagship products.