Full-Screen immersion
Experience the future.
Break the boundary
Notch screen/ 5.85”/Side fingerprint sensor/Android 8.1
  • Notch screen
  • 3GB+16GB
  • 19:9  5.85"
  • Side fingerprint sensor
  • Fast charging
  • Android 8.1
Notch screen
Full screen, takes you into the unlimited world
Better than perfect
All-glass design
CNOEMS M131 formed from Glass and stainless steel frame,looks as bright as a precious piece of art.
A more comfortable 5.85”HD screen
The display of the CNOEMS M131 seems to strech itself over the whole surface, An all new 5.85 inch display screen fills the hand and dazzles the eyes.
See more with a slimmer bezel
Fullview display, making a big difference
CNOEMS M131 comes with a 19:9 HD full screen, while a large 5.85" display is being housed in a body that is smaller than typical 5.5" display smartphones. Enjoy a comfortable and immersive viewing experience with high screen-to-body ratio.
Soft grip feeling
Pleasing to the eye and cool to touch
When you lay your eyes on the CNOEMS M131 for the very first time, you will not only be infatuated by its color, but even more fond by its silky handfeel. The metal fuselage offers a warm and nestling grip feeling. Paired with its seamlessly embedded rear camera , you will be amazed every time you look at it.
Blazing fast and impressively smart
The CNOEMS M131 not only offers a beautiful appearance, but also comes with top-notch hardware making it an extremely intelligent smart phone. Whether it's for daily tasks or highly demanding games it will give you a smooth, fluid and highly efficient user experience.
Large storage
CNOEMS M131 is equipped with 3GB RAM storage and 16GB ROM memory. Also, it supports 128GB memory card extension, no longer worrying about insufficient memory, CNOEMS M131 will be your mobile space.
Every angle, inspired by art.
The CNOEMS M131 offers an unparalleled attraction from every angle. Elegant and rounded corners, an overall slender figure and a marvellous glass surface on both sides of the phone make sure that the CNOEMS M131 is a great piece of gear and an artwork at the same time.
High definition shooting
Capture memorable moment easily.
You can clearly capture what you see in your vision. CNOEMS M131 comes with 8MP (Interpolated to 13MP) high-definition rear camera, it can easily capture all of your precious moments, whether a friend party or a beautiful view.
Professional photography
CNOEMS M131 will offer you a shooting experience like SLR camera, allows you to shoot more freely, every picture will become a classic scene.
Side fingerprint sensor
A single touch to unlock, made exclusively for your CNOEMS M131.
We customized the side-mounted fingerprint scanner exclusively for the CNOEMS M131, for a quicker and more convenient method to unlock your phone. You just need to touch the sensor and the phone gets unlocked almost instantly in no more than 0.2 seconds.
Face unlock + Fingerprint sensor
Two methods for your to unlock your phone
There are two methods on unlocking your phone in your life. One is face unlock, through analyzing more than 128 invisible dots to help you unlocking your phone, the other one is side fingerprint sensor, which supports unlock.
  • Face unlock
    (FOTA later)

  • Fingerprint

Hybrid card slot
Additional SIM card or storage space
The hybrid card slot can support up to 128GB card memory extension, you can save all of your important documents, photos and videos in your phone. Or you can insert a local SIM card when travelling abroad, everything is easier than ever.
On-Sell technology
An amazing visual experience
Although the protective glass with touch panel integration of advanced technology of On-Sell cost is very high, we want to give you the best visual experience with CNOEMS M131. The screen will be more transparent, with higher sensitivity and perfect display effect.
Large capacity and strong endurance, saving more power for you.
Open Wonder
Introducing Android 8.1 Oreo
Smarter, faster, more powerful and sweeter than ever. The world's favorite cookie is your new favorite Android release.

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