Company Profile

Huawei is a global leader in information and communications solutions. We continue to innovate around the needs of our customers, open cooperation with partners, and build end-to-end solution advantages in telecommunication networks, enterprise networks, consumers and cloud computing. We are committed to providing competitive ICT solutions and services for telecom operators, enterprises and consumers, continuously improving the customer experience and creating maximum value for our customers. At present, Huawei's products and solutions have been applied in more than 140 countries and serve 1/3 of the world's population.

With the vision of enriching people's communication and life, we use professional experience in the field of information and communication to eliminate the digital divide and allow everyone to enjoy broadband. In response to global climate change challenges, Huawei has helped customers and other industries reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions through leading green solutions to create the best social, economic and environmental benefits.

Vision Mission


Enrich people's communication and life.


Focus on the challenges and pressures of customer concern, provide competitive communication and information solutions and services, and continue to create maximum value for customers.

core value

The company’s core values are the core beliefs rooted in our hearts. It is Huawei’s intrinsic impetus to today, and it is our common commitment to the future. It ensures that we step by step to provide our customers with effective services and realize the vision of “enriching people's communication and life”.

Customer success

Serving customers is the only reason Huawei exists. Customer demand is the driving force behind Huawei's development. We insist on customer-centricity, respond quickly to customer needs, and continue to create long-term value for customers to achieve customers. Providing effective services to customers is the yardstick of the direction and value evaluation of our work. Achieving customers is our achievement.

Hard struggle

We do not have any scarce resources to rely on. Only hard work can win the respect and trust of our customers. Struggle is reflected in any small activity that creates value for the customer, as well as the efforts to enrich themselves in the preparation of labor. We insist on taking the struggler as the basis, so that the struggler can get a reasonable return.


The purpose of self-criticism is continuous improvement and continuous improvement rather than self-denial. Only by insisting on self-criticism can we listen, abandon, and continue to surpass, and it is easier to respect others and cooperate with others, and to achieve the common development of customers, companies, teams, and individuals.

Open and enterprising

In order to better meet customer needs, we are proactive, courageous, and open and innovative. Any advanced technology, product, solution and business management can only generate value if it is translated into commercial success. We insist on customer demand orientation and continue to innovate around customer needs.

Sincere and trustworthy

Only when we are sincere and sincere in our heart can we make our promises and keep our promises. Credibility is our most important intangible asset. Huawei insists on winning customers with integrity.


Win is a toast, and defeat is desperate. Teamwork is not only a spirit of cross-cultural group collaboration, but also a powerful guarantee for breaking the department walls and improving process efficiency.

development path

year 2011

Released U2Net, a GigaSite solution and ubiquitous UWB network architecture.
Twenty cloud computing data centers were built.
Huawei smartphone sales reached 20 million units.
US$530 million acquisition of Hua Sai.
The establishment of the "2012 laboratory" was integrated.
Released the HUAWEI SmartCare solution.
Captured six top LTE awards worldwide.

year 2010

More than 80 SingleRAN commercial networks are deployed worldwide, of which 28 have been commercially released or are soon to be released for LTE/EPC services.
Established a safety certification center in the United Kingdom.
Signed a voluntary energy conservation agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.
Join the UN World Broadband Commission.
Received the 2010 Corporate Innovation Award from the "Economist" magazine.

Year 2009

Wireless access market share ranks second in the world.
Successfully delivered the world's first LTE/EPC commercial network and won the first place in the world for LTE commercial contracts.
It is the first to release an end-to-end 100G solution from the router to the transmission system.
Received the IEEE Standards Organization 2009 Outstanding Corporate Contribution Award.
Received the "New Business Award" presented by the "Financial Times" of the United Kingdom and was selected as one of the top five most innovative companies in the Fast Company magazine.
The major products have achieved a reduction in resource consumption by more than 20% year-on-year, and more than 3,000 new energy supply solution sites have been deployed worldwide.

Year 2008

Ranked among the top 10 most influential companies in the world by Business Weekly.
According to Informa's consulting report, Huawei ranked third in the mobile device market.
First large-scale commercial UMTS/HSPA network in North America, building next-generation wireless networks for Canadian operators Telus and Bell.
The cumulative global shipments of mobile broadband products exceed 20 million. According to ABI's data, the market share ranks first in the world.
A total of 1737 PCT patent applications were submitted throughout the year. According to the statistics of the World Intellectual Property Organization, the patent application company (person) ranked first in 2008; LTE patents accounted for more than 10% of the world's total.

In 2007

Established a joint venture with Symantec to develop storage and security products and solutions.
Established a joint venture with Global Marine to provide end-to-end network solutions for submarine cables.
At the end of 2007, it became a partner of all top European operators.
Vodafone awarded the "2007 Outstanding Performance Award" and was the only telecommunications network solution provider to receive this award.
The strategy of Mobile Fixed Convergence (FMC) solution based on all-IP network is introduced to help telecom operators to save total operating costs and reduce energy consumption.

year 2006

Selling 49% of H3C's shares for $880 million.
Cooperated with Motorola to establish a joint R&D center in Shanghai to develop UMTS technology.
With the launch of new corporate identity, the new logo fully reflects our spirit of focusing on customers, innovation, robust growth and harmony.

Overseas contract sales exceeded domestic contract sales for the first time.
Vodafone signed the "Global Framework Agreement" and officially became Vodafone's preferred communications equipment supplier.
Become the preferred 21st century network provider for British Telecom (BT), providing multi-service network access (MSAN) components and transmission equipment for the BT21 century network.

year 2004

Established a joint venture with Siemens to develop TD-SCDMA solutions.
Obtaining a contract valued at more than US$25 million by Dutch operator Telfort for the first time to achieve a major breakthrough in Europe.

Year 2003

Established a joint venture with 3Com to focus on the research of enterprise data network solutions.

year 2002

Overseas sales reached US$ 552 million.


Avansys, a non-core subsidiary, was sold to Emerson at a price of US$750 million.
Four R&D centers are established in the United States.
Join the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).


Established an R&D center in Stockholm, Sweden.
Overseas market sales reached 100 million U.S. dollars.

Year 1999

Launched a wireless GSM solution.
In 1998, the market was expanded to major cities in China.

the year 1995

Sales amounted to RMB 1.5 billion, mainly from the Chinese rural market.


Started research and development and launched a rural digital exchange solution.


Started independent research and development of PBX technology for hotels and small businesses and commercialization.

year 1987

Founded in Shenzhen, it became a sales agent for Hong Kong companies that produce private branch exchanges (PBXs).