Sideline Notification
CNOEMS E3003 is the world’s first smartphone to feature “Sideline notification”, Tradition meets the future.
Your very own E3003
We innovated, created, and crafted the E3003, now it is your’s to own and enjoy to the fullest
Stand Out of The Crowd with E3003
Being unique is what makes you you. In a world full of cookie cutter phones, the A2 allows you to stay connected, live your life and step into spotlight.
See More, Do more
If there’s more to see, there’s more you can do. The 18:9, 5.45in A2 display is faster and more immersive than anything you’ve seen before
The Joy Is In the viewing
Whether you’re reading the news, browsing social media, or gaming, you’ll be glad you’re doing it on the A2’s 18:9 display
SideLine security
Hold your phone and it is the side that you’ll almost always touch, so doesn’t it make sense to place the fingerprint sensor there? We think so and that’s what we’ve done.
Android 8.1
ELEPHONE E3003 ships with Android 8.1 and out of the box it’s fully optimized for speed, performance and usability.
More is More
More storage space means more fun, more movies, more photos. E3003 supports 128 GB memory cards so you can have it all at your fingertips.

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