Broaden Your Vision
  • 5.99”18:9
  • 2.75D screen
  • deca-core
  • 128GB
  • Wireless Charging
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • NFC
  • Android 8.1
Design & experience
An Original. A Classic Design Revolution.
Building on the past or building for the future? We haven’t limited ourselves to just one design philosophy for the CNOEMS E7003, we’ve created a traditionally CNOEMS design with advanced technology, features and incredible user experience.
18:9,5.99”FHD Display
Enhance the view. Impress with color.
Naturally curved 2.75D display.
Curved back for comfort, curved 2.75D display for emotional viewing.
Ultra-wide full screen. 5.99” display in a smaller than 5.5” body
Using advanced screen technology, narrower bezels, a small front camera and hidden details, the CNOEMS E7003 is physically smaller than any other 5.99” phone, or in fact, any 5.5” phone on the market.
All screen design The 5.99”in ultra-wide ratio display with surprise you at every touch.
The most immersive screen on the market. See more all of the time with our vibrant 18:9 display.
Curved glass design, made to touch
Crafted from the highest quality materials with precision and care. The E7003 boasts uninterrupted aesthetics combined with unparalleled durability.
Do more with deca-core
Shift quickly between apps, flow from screen to screen, do more with your time. We chose a powerful 10core SOC combined with 4GB RAM to ensure your mobile time is fast, uninterrupted and fun.
A Galaxy Of Storage
More memory means more memories. With 128GB of onboard memory you’ll never need to delete a photo again, and with the option to expand memory by unto 512GB you’ll never worry about space again.
Power to impress, speed to enhance
We didn’t design the E7003 to just perform well in speed tests, we made the E7003 10core fast so that you can enjoy and do more with your time. Advanced gaming, social media and video consumption, the E7003 takes it all in its stride.
Dual SIM or More Memory. Your choice.
Our cleverly developed hybrid SIM offers you the option to run dual SIMs, of if you don’t want to mix business with pleasure you have the choice to expand available memory by up to 512GB.
NFC, Neat, Fast and Convenient Simple, and safe sharing and payments.
Convenient security at a touch
Fast reliable security. The CNOEMS E7003’s fingerprint scanner is one of the fastest in the business with a 0.1s unlock speed.
More beauty than meets the eye. Our exclusive “Facial Retouch” feature enhances your selfie.
Shooting selfies on the E7003 is pure joy, and viewing them on the gorgeous curved display, is like seeing yourself on the big screen.
Physical compass, never lose your way
Fighter gives you the most important life guarantee-- the physical compass. When it is out of power, you can find your life way with the physical compass.
Power Up!
No cables to untangle, not plugs to fettle. The CNOEMS E7003 uses next generation wireless charging technology. Just rest your phone on the pad and power up,
More efficient = Less charging
Your daily life shouldn’t be controlled by when and where you charge your phone, this is why the CNOEMS E7003 has a class leading 3200mAh battery and optimised software system for longer battery and high efficiency.
Android 8.1
CNOEMS E7003 ships with Android 8.1 and out of the box it’s fully optimized for speed, performance and usability.

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